5 Smoothing Sealant Tools You Need In Your Toolbox Right Now

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In the aerospace industry, having the right sealant tools to finish a job means the difference between completing beautiful and substandard work. With the right tools, your job will be easier and look cleaner than ever before. In this blog, we recommend five sealant tools that we think every mechanic should have in their bag.

Using Sealant Tools In Aerospace

When companies like Boeing and NASA built aircraft, they put a variety of materials into each vehicle. One of the main components that go into them is sealant. Sealant is used for various reasons, including keeping passengers safe by locking in the air pressure, shielding engine components, and preventing water or dust infiltration.

Types of Sealant Tools

For general use, there are many different types of sealant tools and spreaders that mechanical engineers might use to build an aircraft. From thin, long spatulas that are good for small spaces to wide roller nozzles for large applications, here are some of our favorite sealant spreading tools:

  1. P-1-RN 1” Roller Nozzle
  2. P-2-RN 2” Roller Nozzle
  3. P-14 3×3” Comb Spreader
  4. P-11 Double-Ended Long Spatula
  5. P-3PK 3 Piece Sealant Applicator Kit

1” Roller Nozzle

The P-1-RN 1” Roller Nozzle is a great option for thinner applications over a large area. Designed to apply sealant to a large area of substrate, these roller nozzles can be fixed to the end of a sealant gun and work alongside other hand application tools. We like the 1” option because of its versatility, making it a great median between thin applications and thicker ones.

2” Roller Nozzle

Similar to the 1” option, our P-2-RN 2” Roller Nozzle is also a good option for sealant application over a large area. Because this roller nozzle is a little thicker than the 1” option, this nozzle can cover more area in less time than its smaller counterpart. This roller nozzle can also affix to a sealant gun, making it easy to use alongside other sealant application methods.

3×3” Comb Spreader

Our 3×3” Comb Spreader is a very versatile piece of equipment. With two ridges edges and two smooth ones, engineers can decide between textures. This tool will spread and smooth sealant that has already been applied, which makes it a great addition to any toolbox. With its 3” edges, this Comb Spreader works well with thick and thin applications. 

Double-Ended Long Spatula

For thinner applications of sealant, our P-11 Double-Ended Long Spatula should be a staple in every hangar. Made from durable materials, this spatula will last through many applications. With an overall length of 9”, this spatula is the perfect tool for hard-to-reach spots and long lines of sealant smoothing. 

3 Piece Sealant Applicator Kit

Last but not least, the 3-PK 3 Piece Sealant Applicator Kit is an excellent option that includes a set of three essential sealant tools. With a length of 7” together, these tools are great for general purpose spreading and application in narrower areas. We recommend this kit to anyone looking to bulk out their toolbox or who is just getting started with sealant!

Take Flight With Crew Tool’s Sealant Tools

At Crew Tool, we push the envelope. We believe in hard work and craftsmanship, which is why we work so hard to supply the aircraft and aviation industries with the best products, including sealant tools. We offer stellar customer service with friendly and knowledgeable staff to help others spread their wings. If you’re looking for quality aviation tooling, you’ve landed on the right runway 一 Crew Tool has what you need. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you get the products you need. Give us a call at (407) 377-5824 or send us an email at sales@crew-tool.com. Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn as well! We look forward to hearing from you!

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